Welcome, Adventurers, to the Peaks of Planthia.

You find yourselves, either by choice or by force, in the wintery country of Moralia. It is a cold but hospitable land, where winters can be lethal to those who are unprepared, but summers still yield enough for harvest. People here live off the land, hunting and gathering what they can, often saving food against the harshest of blizzards during which even the bravest stay indoors.

In the north of Moralia lies a small town, Brathium. It is at the base of a mountain range, known as Planthia. Perhaps because of the landscape, the people of Brathium are well known to be trusting, often shielding visitors and those passing through their land from the cold winds in exchange for help chopping firewood, or other services. It is not uncommon to see even the better-dressed nobles and merchants proudly attempt to pitch tents in vain, only to give in to the howling winds and accept the shelter of a nearby farm. Many merchant guards and even merchants themselves find Brathium a better place than their destination, and stay to live their new life among the kindhearted Moralians. Because of this, people of all shapes and sizes, races and creeds, live with each other in relative harmony.

It was rumored for centuries that there is a Dwarven citadel in the snowy peaks of the Planthia mountains, where the Dwarven king Audin Axehammer once ruled. Men and Dwarves searched fruitlessly until a few years ago, when an entrance to the citadel was discovered. Adventurers flocked from all corners of the world, but they were unable to gather much, if anything. Unprepared for the winter and environment of the permanently frozen summit, many succumbed and could not make it either to, or from the citadel. After realizing how hostile the environment is, the number of adventurers slowed to a trickle, and life for those in Brathium almost returned to normal.

In an effort to prevent foolhardy adventuring groups, a group of men Brathium journeyed up to the entrance to set up a small town several months ago. They are known to accept all comers, regardless of their background, as long as they abide by the local laws. Groups of adventurers, treasure seekers, construction workers, and farmers go up and down the mountain, bringing up supplies while seeking fame, fortune, or are just looking to help. It is with one such group that you find yourselves, hired to escort mules laden with supplies, up the mountain the Peaks of Planthia.

Hi everyone! So this’ll be my campaign, set in a snow-covered land. There are a few general rules:

1. Anyone can play any race. The race relations will be greatly relaxed, where for reference the relationship table you can add 2 levels of attitude, so no one will “Hate” but instead “Tolerate”. The Racist quirk means you’ll take the original table, but be warned, you will probably be ostracized…

2. Story EXP will be high-ish, so explore! Piece together the story and you’ll bonuses!

3. Proteges will be given at level 3: it’s hard to convince a group of buddies to go up this cold deathtrap…

4. Extra warm/thick clothes will not weigh more!

5. Scrutiny and observation will be two different skills, but observation will provide a 10% bonus to scrutiny (i.e. a 56% in obs will give a +5% to scrutiny). No bonus vice versa.

6. Identify and disable trap WILL be used. However, their mechanic is done like this: if you walk into a room and try to look for traps by saying “I look at the floor really closely with a light” you will get an observation check. If you fail the check and proceed to walk into the room without detecting the trap, the player with the Identify Trap skill will get a roll. If they pass the check, they will have the opportunity to say “Look! Trap!” and save the group. The same goes for Disarming a Trap – if you successfully ID the trap, and then try to disable it but it turns out that’ll set the trap off, the player with Disarm Trap will get a check.

7. Pixie faeries are allowed, but because they cannot endure the cold, they need to be bundled up. This WILL remove their ability to fly.

Peaks of Planthia

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