Moralia is located in the north of the continent. It is a winterland, covered with snow during the majority of the year, except for the summer, when the snow briefly melts for a short but relatively plentiful harvest season. There is a mountainous range which extends from coast to coast, which are permanently covered in snow. The largest of the mountains are known as Planthia, and near the base of that section is the small town of Brathium.


There is little to no government, especially in the wilderness. No lord or noble has control over the wilds of Moralia, which is often covered with snow and trees. Towns are self-governed, with a locally elected family, which rotates every 3 summers. Locally elected families are generally not re-elected. They receive no monetary benefits from the townspeople, but instead act as chairpersons for meetings and elections. Cities, which are few and far between, are governed by noble families, chosen by the King of Moralia.


The kind Moralians are tolerant of all races, but they do draw the line at Grel. They are disliked, but they will hold nothing against them unless they wrong them first. Some families and villages, however, hold grudges against certain races as a whole and prejudice still exists. Moralians are excellent carpenters and crafters, as the use of what they can gather and hunt for is essential for their survival. Moralians enjoy music, creating percussive instruments from animal skins, and wind instruments from wood. String instruments in the winter do not fare well, and have not penetrated the Moralian culture yet.


Moralians speak and write Moralian. They do not have a well-documented written history, however, as knowing in detail about their ancestors has yet to show its use in the cold weather. What use is it to know that it was cold yesterday, when they know it is cold today, and will be cold tomorrow? Instead they share stories by word of mouth, and there are few libraries.


All religions are accepted, but not necessarily believed. Most believe in the Assemby of the Four Corners, believing the cold strengthens and blesses those who are worthy. They are not fanatics, but cursing the cold is frowned upon. Magic is rare, but unsurprising: many Clerics of the Caregiver have been seen reviving shivering and even frozen people.


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